Darryl Morley is a well known and respected newspaper columnist and professional trader, who is a former stockbroker. He has been writing his avidly followed Day Trader column on trading and technical analysis for the Melbourne Herald Sun and the Hobart Mercury for over 11 years.

Darryl is likely unique, in that he actually writes about his own trades, his reasoning for selecting or rejecting certain stocks, how he sets his targets, his stops, his exit strategies. He’s also not shy about staying out of the market if the signals are not right and explaining why. This is very different from most talking heads, who are not dealing with their own money.

New columns are updated to this site every week.

These columns are written and published as a chronicle of Darryl’s trading. Any information provided is of an educational nature only. Please note that we are NOT a stock tipping service, either through the newspaper column nor through the workshops. Our hope is that by watching and learning from Darryl’s trading technique, you can start to learn to take control of your own finances, which we believe is especially relevant in today’s turbulent market.

Day Trader column for September 10 – 2013

Once again another week and we have seen more volatility. The Indices gained on Monday and Tuesday only to give back most of those gains by Friday when the All Ords closed the week up 20 odd points and the ASX/S&P 200 up just 10 points.


Day Trader column for September 3 – 2013

Last week was another week of indecision in our market. The All Ords traded through roughly a one hundred point range to close the week just ten points above the previous week’s close.


Day Trader column for August 27 – 2013

Another volatile week on the Indices as the All Ords had a range of over one hundred points. The All Ords did manage to close fifteen points higher than the previous week due to a surge to the upside on Friday.


Day Trader column for August 20 – 2013

Last Friday saw the All Ords and the S&P/ASX 200 get knocked back to 5,100 after two days near the top of Monday and Tuesday’s strong move up to 5,150.


Day Trader column for August 13 – 2013

A large number of stocks had quite significant falls last week along with the Index as one would expect. The All Ords and the S&P/ASX 200 both fell sharply to test the 5,000 support level last Wednesday.


Day Trader column for August 6 – 2013

The big market move up on Friday saw the All Ords trade within a half point of 5,100 and close the week less than one point off its high for the week.


Day Trader column for July 30 – 2013

A clear close above 5,000 on the All Ords and S&P/ASX 200 last week helps convince me the next move up to 5,200 is on its way. What it does after that is something I am not prepared to speculate on at the moment. The main reason for my unease is that so many stocks from right across the price range will move to break recent highs as the index moves to 5,200.


Day Trader column for July 23 – 2013

The All Ords traded in a narrow sideways range last week and if it breaks out to the upside from here, I expect a quick move up. On the other hand a break to the downside would likely precede a quick move down.


Day Trader column for July 16 – 2013

The biggest move up on the index last week in over two months saw a fair number of stocks come up on my weekly search. For the first time in a long while, there was some interesting action in the stocks under $2.00 and some of them have targets in excess of twenty percent, which is what I like to see before I buy.


Day Trader column for July 9 – 2013

Our market has fallen steadily since mid May and last week both the All Ords and the ASX/S&P 200 both formed a weekly Pivot point to the upside. So perhaps this will be the beginning of a rally. Whether it will be a sustained trend remains to be seen.