Darryl's Trading Diary July 15 - 2019 (Final)

Last week the Indices all traded the entire week inside the range of the previous week.   This I believe is consolidation before the market moves higher and it closed the week less than one hundred points below it all-time high, so it is a short couple of positive days from moving to a new high.    Maybe this week will see a close at a new high.

Last week I was stopped out of Dubber Corporation (DUB) and it was sold on July 09 at $1.20 for a total of $5,980 after brokerage.   It has not broken down completely and may still move up so I will keep an eye on it over the next few days.

Resapp Health (RAP) was also stopped out and it was sold on July 10 at 17c for a total of $8,480.   It is still at its low for the week and may trade as low as 14c, which is the spike low formed in mid May.    A break of that level would not be good for it in the near term at least.    I will stay away from it until it tells me the move down has come to an end.    Either way I would like to see a close above 19c before I would consider trading it again.


Now to the hard part for me.    After a great deal of soul searching I have decide after twenty years writing this trading column, that I need to spend time enjoying time on my boat and being in a position where I am not a slave to an internet connection and can sail to places on my timetable.

I would like to thank all my readers for their keen interest in my trading and I have really enjoyed meeting many of you at my various workshops.

As a result of this decision I will not be offering a subscription service as I indicated, so I must apologise to the large number of readers who indicated their interest in such a service.    There were also insurance and licencing hurdles I would have to have overcome.

I will still provide the promised mentoring service to my workshop participants, but it will also be a free service for them.   It would also be subject to the above hurdles if I wanted to extend it to a paid service open to everyone.

I will, in all likelihood continue to update the website with occasional comment on my recent trading and my thoughts on where the market is headed.

This will only be, maybe monthly or when I see some market situation I want to comment on, so if you are interested in my trading and comments check into the website from time to time.

I have really enjoyed my time writing over the years and I wish you all profitable trading and remember it is my belief being prepared to sell on stop at a loss if a trade goes against you and good risk management are the keys to profitable trading.

Thank you for your company.





Portfolio Position as at close of trade on July 12 – 2019



No. of Shares

Purchase price


Wednesday Close



























Cash       $367,224

Shares    $83,075

Total       $450,299