DVD Training

Follow the Money in 10 Easy Steps - DVD Learning Pack


Trainer:  Darryl Morley, former stockbroker, professional trader who publically trades his portfolio 

Objective:  Learn Darryl’s easy 10 step technique, including risk management. You will gain the knowledge, tools and rules to be able to trade for yourself. The emphasis is on effective use of time for maximum results. After all, who wants to be glued to a screen all day? 

Provided:  4 DVDs of around 50 minutes each, including practice exercises, plus an extensive Workbook, a 10 Step Checklist, a guide to using the Insight Trader software demo to practice. 

Who is it for:  Anyone wanting to streamline their trading methods for more profitable results. From beginners, to those who have been trading for 40 years, to past participants of Darryl's workshops what are seeking a refresher course.

Duration:  Running time is 200 minutes over 4 DVDs, with easy to navigate menus and detailed chapters, that allow you to jump straight to the material you want to study.

Cost:  $395 - this cost is FULLY TAX-DEDUCTIBLE**

What will I learn:

Learn from an actual trader with a public track record who loves to teach.  Darryl will personally take you through what you need to know:

Follow the Money is essential training – 10 steps to follow the money. It takes you through what you need to know step by step. Follow the Money is about following what the money in the Market is actually doing, not what it says it is doing.

Here are the 10 easy steps Darryl has refined:

  1. Trends 
  2. Support & Resistance
  3. Targets
  4. Buy Set-ups
  5. The Entry patterns
  6. Daily buy signals
  7. Stops
  8. Your personal risk amount
  9. The trade entry sums – percentage gain, risk/reward & number of shares
  10. Sell signals – selling on stops or target

As either a refresher, or an exciting instruction in Darryl’s method, 10 Easy Steps to Follow the Money, will give you the knowledge, tools and rules to be able to trade for yourself. 

This learning tool takes you through all the steps and gives you much more information about basic concepts, trading advice, filtering advice and answers frequently asked questions. Darryl has also arranged with Bernard Chapman of Insight Trading for all DVD participants to access to a test version of Insight Trader to play around and practice with his program. A link to do this will be provided when you receive the learning pack. 

The emphasis is on effective use of time for maximum results. With Darryl’s method you will develop a trading timetable. This timetable will detail what needs to be done on the weekend, each evening, and on the morning pre-open.  After a little practice you’ll spent several hours on the weekend searching the data base for possible trades, then those stocks selected will be the only stocks looked at each evening for the following week from Monday to Thursday. Downloading update data, checking these stocks and those already held, should take no more than 20 minutes an evening. The only other time involved is placing market orders, preferably at the open, but if this is not possible, at some other consistent time during the day. With this method, there is no need to monitor the market during the day – indeed it’s preferable not to.

Follow the Money DVD Learning is like our two day intensive workshop taught in a approachable, logical and easy to understand way. It’s like having Darryl at your shoulder whenever you need a reminder!

Follow the Money is very user friendly after all, it’s been road tested on our many Workshop participants over the years.

Follow the Money is for everybody, from students with no capital, millionaire retirees, computer geeks, to people who have never touched a computer before, long time traders, newbies. These are all people who’ve attended Workshops over the years and learnt from Darryl.

Throughout Follow the Money Darryl shares his vast knowledge of the stock market. Aside from his trading techniques developed over years of research, he shares many astute observations that are invaluable to any trader. He also relates how his time as a stockbroker gives him strong insights into how experienced players in the market can gain advantage by knowing how things work, and how you can too.

With this Learning Pack you are entering a different phase of trading. Darryl has never believed in being in the market just for the sake of it. If the signals are not right, he won’t make the trade. You will learn what those signals are. 

It’s easy to buy. Darryl will teach you when to sell. He’ll also teach you when not to be in the market at all – how many brokers will do that for you?

It’s no coincidence Darryl called the top of the market in 2007.  It was simple. He was stopped out of trades and no new trades presented themselves.

With Darryl’s method the market will tell you when it is turning. If you know what to look for.  Often there is good trading to be had in a difficult market if you have the right tools.  Tools that will be yours.

Darryl will teach you straightforward risk management.  Risk management is crucial to successful trading and must be tailored to the individual.  Darryl shows you how.  Risk less than $200 per trade if that is your profile. Slow and steady growth of capital is his motto.

Darryl teaches you tools to take the emotion out of trading and replace it with discipline and clarity.

**You need to confirm this with your accountant, but it is our understanding that if you are trading within the same financial year as the course, then it is fully tax deductible.