DVD Learning Pack

DVD Learning Pack

Follow the Money in 10 Easy Steps - DVD Learning Pack

Trainer: Darryl Morley, former stockbroker, professional trader who publically trades his portfolio

Objective: Learn Darryl’s easy 10 step technique, including risk management. You will gain the knowledge, tools and rules to be able to trade for yourself. The emphasis is on effective use of time for maximum results. After all, who wants to be glued to a screen all day?

Provided: 4 DVDs of around 50 minutes each, including practice exercises, plus an 80 page Workbook and a Laminated 10 Step Checklist

Who is it for: Anyone wanting to streamline their trading methods for more profitable results. From beginners, to those who have been trading for 40 years, to past participants of Darryl's workshops what are seeking a refresher course.

Duration: Running time is 200 minutes over 4 DVDs, with easy to navigate menus and detailed chapters, that allow you to jump straight to the material you want to study.

Cost: $395 - this cost is FULLY TAX-DEDUCTIBLE**

What will I learn:

Learn from an actual trader with a public track record who loves to teach. Darryl will personally take you through what you need to know:

Follow the Money is essential training – 10 steps to follow the money. It takes you through what you need to know step by step. Follow the Money is about following what the money in the Market is actually doing, not what it says it is doing.



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