Workshops – 2 Days 

Dates:  TBA

  • Bring clarity & objectivity to your trading
  • Use a simple 10 step trading technique based on technical analysis
  • Developed & taught by a trader who trades his own portfolio publicly
  • Time efficient, you don’t need to watch the market during the day
  • Be able to calculate what a stock’s likely price target is - don’t just hope it’s worth buying
  • Recognise Buy Set-Ups, when a stock is likely to increase in price
  • Know the 3 clear Daily Buy signals that tell you when it’s time to buy
  • Learn how to set your initial & trailing stops based on the stock price
  • Understand that stringent risk management is crucial to the success of a trader
  • All you require is a computer, off the shelf software & a data provider

Duration:  2 days, 9am – 5pm

Trainer:  Darryl Morley, former stockbroker, professional trader who publically trades his portfolio

Objective:  You will gain the knowledge, tools and rules to be able to trade for yourself. The emphasis is on effective use of time for maximum results. After all, who wants to be glued to a screen all day? 

Numbers:  Limited to 12 participants

Methodology:  Interactive, hands on, working in rotating pairs with personal coaching

Provided:  Laptops, workbooks, fully catered, conference function at 4.5 star hotel

When:  CLICK HERE FOR DATES AND BOOKINGSThis is the final opportunity. These workshops are always fully booked

 Cost:  $1995  - this cost is FULLY TAX-DEDUCTIBLE**

What will I learn:

Learn from an actual trader with a public track record who loves to teach.  Darryl will personally take you through what you need to know.

  • Basics of technical analysis
  • Candle charting and trend reversal signals
  • Pivot points and their significance and application
  • Identifying trends
  • Darryl’s method
  • Basics of using trading software to search the market
  • Darryl’s own search criteria to filter the market to find potential trades
  • Pattern recognition
  •  Setups that pre-warn of imminent moves
  • Tools to qualify a potential trade
  • Tools to enter and exit a trade, including stop placement and targets
  • How to protect your capital, using Darryl’s stringent risk management systems
  • How to allocate trading capital to each trade
  • How to analyse the market with minimal time and effort
  • Practice sessions on provided laptops in pairs
  • Speed stock selection
  • A step-by-step checklist of how to trade using Darryl’s method

This is an opportunity for you to work directly with Darryl and learn his personal trading method. A method honed and simplified over many successful years of actual trading.

Darryl has also arranged with Bernard Chapman of Insight Trading for all participants to access to a test version of Insight Trader to play around and practice with his program. A link to do this will be provided when you attend the workshop. 

This course is exceptional.  Numbers are limited to only 12 participants, you spend your time with Darryl – not some intermediary, the format is interactive, the objective is to teach – not a disguised sales pitch and you are working with an actual trader – not some theorist or a salesman.

Along the way you are encouraged to ask questions as Darryl guides you though each step of the trading process. 

The ‘Day Trader’ Workshops are all run with small groups to provide an intimate environment that invites discussion. We find the best way to learn is by actually doing it yourself.

In each workshop you will hear Darryl’s theory and then put it into practice, working in small groups on provided laptops. Groups are rotated so everyone has a chance to work together. We find this rapidly builds confidence and team spirit, whilst allowing people to be themselves. No one feels left out, we’re all learning together.

There are lots of laughs and shared experiences. Many participants form long lasting friendships. Our groups are incredibly varied, from students with no capital, millionaire retirees, computer geeks to people who have never touched a computer before, long time traders, newbies – they have all brought something to the group and have all learned from Darryl.

Throughout each workshop Darryl shares his vast knowledge of the stock market. Aside from his trading methods developed over years of research, he shares many astute observations that are invaluable to any trader. He also relates how his time as a stockbroker gives him strong insights into how experienced players in the market can gain advantage by knowing how things work, and how you can too.

You will find the ‘Day Trader’ Workshops different.

We don’t promise impossible returns. We don’t promote leverage.  We don’t encourage irresponsible risk. You are taught by someone who has seen many cycles of the market, both good and bad. We show you how to protect your capital. We want you to confidently take personal control of your trading decisions and control over your finances.

Darryl has never believed in being in the market just for the sake of it. If the signals are not right, he won’t make the trade.  You will learn what those signals are. 

Darryl will teach you straightforward risk management. It’s easy to buy. He will teach you when to sell. It’s no coincidence he called the top of the market in 2007.  It was simple. He was stopped out of trades and no new trades presented themselves.

With Darryl’s method the market will tell you when it is turning. If you know what to look for.  Often there is good trading to be had in a difficult market if you have the right tools.  Tools that will be yours.

Darryl teaches you tools to take the emotion out of trading and replace it with discipline and clarity. 

**You need to confirm this with your accountant, but it is our understanding that if you are trading within the same financial year as the course then it is fully tax deductible.