Charting Software & Data Providers

Hi, this is a note from Darryl.

I get lots of inquiries about what software I use. So I’ve included this section on the website.

I’m a creature of habit and I like things simple. I’ve personally used Insight Trader for over 15 years and I find it has a very effective search functionality and rapid scanning of individual charts.  I’ve arranged with Bernard Chapman of Insight Trading for all DVD and Workshop participants to access to a test version of Insight Trader to play around and practice with his program. More information on the DVD Training Page. Here's a link to his website - INSIGHT TRADER

Having said that, there are many other programs available that will do the job.

The only requirements for your software, are that it allows you to visually and sequentially search the charts of selected stocks. You must also be able to program simple parameters eg to search all stocks between $0.50 - $1.00.

You will also need data – an update of the stock prices each day. There are various providers whom I’ve used over the years, in no particular order, being Paritech, Vestdata and Almax. You can also get it for free, with a bit of mucking around, if you know how, from the CommSec site.